Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Shopify Developer

In the digital business, it is not easy to beat the popularity of Shopify. It helps retailers to start, grow and manage their business easily and efficiently. Irrespective of the size of the business it makes commerce better for everyone. The platform and services are reliable, deliver a better shopping experience for consumers and the ease of use to everyone. It’s obvious. Shopify is one of the most preferred ecommerce platforms today.

According to a report “ Shopify took 31% of the e-commerce platform market In 2019”. (Ref: Shopify statistics/)

It is nearly ⅓ rd of the market. You must be wondering why we are reminding you of this. Well, Shopify’s fantastic growth rate has made many people jump to the platform. And everyone professes to be a Shopify expert today. Do you remember the days when WordPress was flourishing? Out of nowhere everyone was a WordPress master. But we guarantee that the super knowledgeable people who knew the intricacies of the platform did not increase overnight but it really started appearing so if you read their website.

We can see the glimmer of the same now when Shopify is taking the ecommerce world by storm. There are many storm chasers so as an ecommerce retailer you have to be cautious and find the real experts for your Shopify store development.

In this article we are going to discuss a handful of relevant questions that you must ask your Shopify developer to find the right person to work on your ecommerce store.

1. Do You Have Revisions Included?

You may feel the answer is obvious, but for your knowledge not every developer considers store revision when they quote a job. Ask the developer if it is included. Store revision is must because in case something is not working on your store as you expected, you can ask the developer to make the changes without hitting your budget. The reason can be miscommunication or any other but at the end it is fixed.

Revision service means your developer is skilled, confident in his work and done the work many times already. The developer will never want repeat work and hence will try to achieve it right the first time to reduce workload.

If revisions are not included you may have to pay extra charges for each change request. Hence it is highly recommended to ensure you get store revisions.

2. Do You Provide Satisfaction Guarantee?

Ensure the quality of work your Shopify store deserves by asking if your developer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. A real Shopify expert will not hesitate for the same as they are confident of their ability to deliver their client’s request. If you are not happy with the results then the task is redone.

Your developer ensuring his or her work means you’ll be getting value for money service. Yes it is true there are some people who are never satisfied but a true businessman when see the performance, appreciates it. And our experience says that most of the Shopify store owners are professionals.

3. Are You a Shopify Expert?

Partnering with the right person is important for your business. Not everyone can become a Shopify expert. Shopify carefully vets their talent. Claiming to be an expert and being a real Shopify official expert are two different things.

Ask for their work credentials. Shopify is an awesome platform. The spirit of the community is great. There are many developers who want to do Shopify work. But real experience is still the best teacher. So do what you can before you partner to give the responsibility of your ecommerce store.

4. Do You Have Experience In Mobile App Development?

There are developers who have experience in web development but not in mobile development. Mobile ownership is growing fast. So if you are there on the web but not on mobile then you need to start worrying about it. It means you are still way behind your competition.

It is found that “78% of consumers prefer accessing a store from the mobile website”. (Ref: Effective 2020 mobile app growth statistics to know/)

No wonder why all the best Shopify themes are responsive. You have spent money for a quality Shopify theme, so it deserves to be responsive on mobile or all other devices.

When you make changes in your website it needs to be fixed for mobile user experience too. An expert Shopify developer will know how to fix mobile UX issues. If something is out of the alignment on mobile the developer will fix it as part of the deal. Most of the developers today have more than one skill set.

5. Have You Worked Before On This Theme (Your Website Theme)?

Development is becoming more and more highly specialized, fragmented, and skilled. Not all Shopify themes are equal and code may differ. Ask your developer if he has experience working on your theme or similar theme. Having experience on the same and understanding the code and technology will get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

These days, it may seem like everyone is a developer. And when it comes to building a simple website or programming for your ecommerce store, they are abundant. Just make sure that whoever

is working on your site is a Shopify pro. Starting your hunt for a Shopify developer by asking these 5 questions will give you a great start.

If you need our help in your Shopify development, we’re here to answer your questions. Whether you want a complete Shopify store set up, configuration, integration or just a small tweak to improve your store performance, we offer an end-to-end Shopify solution. To know more, visit us at <StorePlace.com>.

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