Know the Difference: Graphic Design vs Web Design

So, you have decided to start your business online at Shopify. That’s Amazing! Shopify is one of the most incredible ecommerce platforms in the market today. And nothing could be better than having a freedom of starting your own Shopify store. So the next thing you probably want to know is how do you get started, right?

It completely depends on your requirements. If you want you can surely set up a Shopify store all by yourself. It is a great platform for a novice. As it comes with a free trial, why don’t you just try and see? Everyone learns things at a different pace so you can simply try your hands and see if this is something you can pick up on your own?

If you’re still not sure about the time and knowledge there are web design and development companies or freelancers who are helping independent businesses to build their ecommerce store at Shopify. If you want a store that is more customized and extensible, you will need a helping hand.

Graphic designers and web designers play an equal role in creating an ecommerce website. But before you hire them you must understand that they are different roles and they both serve their own unique purpose. People often get confused about their tasks with good reason. So, in this article we decided to explore the differences between the two to save your time and money. Let's see how each profession contributes to the website creation.

Both influence the look and feel of the website but their roles vary. So who does what? A graphic designer works on the visual aspects of your Shopify website. When it comes to the mechanical aspects of the website we need to approach a web designer. Although the two professions work together to achieve the overall design of a website they play a very distinct role with distinct skill sets.

Sometimes, a web project that requires a web designer to make a website professional and efficient, end-up hiring a graphic designer. Hence it is important for the store owners to understand the crucial differences. This way they can find the right person and service to design their Shopify website.

These differences are important for you if you are looking to hire a designer. Here are some of the major differences between the two roles.


Web Design

  • More technical and use art to leverage technology
  • Account for creating wireframes, sitemaps and responsive design across all devices
  • Understands how a design will make its user feel and behave
  • Hold a degree in Computer Science
  • Skills required are HTML, CSS, PHP, and other programming languages.
  • Tools required are Adobe Photoshop, site testing tools, etc.


Graphic Design


  • More artistic and put art first
  • Account for creating images, logos, banner ads, etc.
  • Understands design principles and how it communicates a message to its audience
  • Hold a degree in Graphic Design
  • Skills required are Adobe Creative Suite, concept development, marketing material, etc.
  • Tools required are pen and paper to sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.


Real-life Scenario To Understand The Difference


To understand the difference further let’s discuss a real-life situation where these two professionals work on an ecommerce site.

The situation is:

An ecommerce website owner wants to redesign the header and approaches a web design and development company. He has given some specifications:

  • The header needs to be grey in color.
  • Need changing color hover effect over the menu items.
  • Need a sticky header that stays on the page when users scroll through the site.

Step 1: The graphic designer creates the header and presents it to the site owner having variations in shades of grey and text font size.

Step 2: Once the owner approves the design the graphic designer job is done, as his responsibility is limited to the execution of visual aspects.

Step 3: Now the web designer in the team implements the design in hand into the website using the programming language. Does the coding on the website for hover effect and ensure that the design is responsive across all devices. The web designer then makes a sticky header as per the request of the website owner.


When Graphic Design and Web Design Share Knowledge!


At the end of the day both the designers work towards a common goal of building a phenomenal website. For better results they must work in concert to bridge the gap. Both professionals should have the basic knowledge of each other's work for better work and to create something good.

Graphic designers need to have an understanding about coding. It doesn’t mean that they have to become an expert coder. But a little knowledge can help them understand a developer’s perspective better.

Similarly, as a web designer they are involved in turning designs into reality via code. Understanding graphic design is an important aspect of that. Although, truly understanding graphic design and doing are more complex. Coding and visual design both involve different skill sets. It is not possible for every web designer to be a great graphic designer but they should be at least competent in graphic design. This gives a good idea of what is happening.

This understanding of each other’s duties helps in properly applying the designs to the end product and creating a more complete web project.


Over To You


Now that you know the difference between graphic design and web design, we hope next time it will be much easier for you to hire the right designer for your needs. So whether you need artistic skills or programming skills you will know who to call: a graphic designer, web designer or possibly both. The industry has become much more difficult yet efficient. Although there is a huge difference between the two, you can use both of these in tandem.


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