Is your Website Generating Leads? Not Yet, But Soon.

Once you have created a gorgeous professional website for your business, then your next top priority will be driving traffic to your website. If we can't generate traffic, we can't generate business and hence not making any progress.

Many of us have tried a whole bunch of things for lead generation and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't work. Hence in this post we are going to discuss different ways and techniques you need to have done that can increase your chances of grabbing the attention of more customers to your website.


1. The powerful SEO tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is when you type something into google and a result comes up and you click it and find exactly what you were looking for. That is good SEO.

SEO plays a crucial role in website success. It can be incredibly powerful because it is also scalable. You do it once, it works for a long time and you get high quality people coming to your site. It is search intent, they want to find what you have to offer.

Right SEO strategy gives the kind of exposure and visibility your business deserves. It increases the scope to enhance the brand value of your website. When you are into online business, online visibility is a highly required feature to make business online.

Write stuff people care about and end up getting a ton of traffic from google. It works because people clicked it and found out.


According to a report 63% of marketers are leveraging on SEO by becoming active investors in it. (Ref: Marketing statistics)


How to lay down the SEO foundation?
  • Conduct Market research

In this highly competitive market it is important to monitor and evaluate other websites. Proper research can be an aid to make things favorable to you.

  • Do keyword research for relevant keywords

It is very important to know what your customers are searching for. It is very simple. Just put yourself into the customer’s shoes and think about what you type in the search engine to get the desired results, when you search for a particular thing. The customers are no different. We all think alike.

  • Create and structure the perfect search engine optimized page

Create pages that are aligned with search intent and optimize your pages to enhance the user experience visiting your website.

  • Earn attention through link building

Create and share great content, and earn links from from other high-quality websites or reputable sources. At times even the great contents fail to rank. Hence to establish the authority, and to build your brand it is important to nurture an audience who will boost your content.

  • Measure your performance

You must demonstrate your results. It is important to track your success and refine your SEO strategy. You should know what is working and what is not and adjust your approach accordingly.


2. Speed up your website page

How many times has it happened that you've logged in to a website but the speed is slow and you leave the site with frustration? Sounds something that you have faced many times?

You may have an amazing looking site brimming with valuable information and high quality pictures but if the site doesn't run smooth, you may end up losing customers. We all like to stay on a site longer which is easy to navigate, easy to use and fast to load.

When the loading time is longer than expected it also hampers SEO. It results in high bounce rate and decrease in your Google rank.

A research conducted by Google has revealed, 53% of visitors on mobile abandon the site if the load time is more than 3 seconds.(Ref: Google 53 of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load )


How to improve the page speed?
  • Run a speed test

Conduct website speed tests. Check your page speed and see the statistics. If it’s slow loading pages are affecting your online campaign, then you need to rethink.

  • Spot the areas of improvement

It is important that you find out what is causing slow loading pages. Look through the website test report and review the scores. Once you examine where you scored less you are ready to start taking action.  

  • Work on speed optimization

If you do not want your visitors to abandon your site, the speed of your pages need to be optimized. It will reduce the bounce rate due to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Reorganizing the website

Even after taking all of the above steps, sometimes your page speed doesn't improve. At that point, you need to reorganize your website. Simplify your site by making it less heavy and sophisticated. It can be done by reducing the number of images and scripts on the website.


You can also use tools like Test My Site Tool to check the performance of your website.


3. Contact form optimization to establish initiation

It is possible that you think that your website contact form doesn't play any major role in driving traffic. Well, you need to reconsider your contact form that looks just sitting there and not serving any major purpose to experience increase in its traffic. Your target audience reaches out to you filling this form and begins interacting with you. It is a powerful tool which is often underrated. It is one of the most common ways to produce leads with great potential.

  • Be a minimalist

Your website contact form should ask for minimum information that is really important and necessary for the business. If the contact form is too lengthy then there are chances of overwhelming your prospective clients, and there are chances that they abandon the entire form. This would be the last thing any business owner would want to happen. 

Do not keep too many fields in the form and keep it short. 


How can you optimise your contact form forlead generation ?
  • Professional and Purposeful Design

The design format for your contact form is very important. It should be made in a manner that looks professional and purposeful. 

  • Accessibility

It is important that visitors do not have to hunt for the contact form and it is accessible. They find a link to contact form easily. Place the contact form above the fold. The placement on appropriate pages draws the attention of the visitor instantly.

  • Test the Contact forms

Before any of your visitors use it, you must run a test to check if the form gets submitted properly or not.

  • Ensure a strong call-to-action

A call to action not only draws visitors in but also demands an action from your visitor in the most encouraging manner possible and can enhance their experience. It is kind of a  little push to reach their goal.

  • Run an A/B Test

Now that you have your contact form ready with different fields, designs etc. run an A/B test for experiment to ensure it is effective and you are getting the driving that you are looking for.


4. Compelling CTAs for renaissance

You have traffic to your website you want more people to buy? How do you do this? By optimising your call-to-action (CTA). These phrases are easy and effective. It prompts the visitors to take action. It can be an image or text.

We shall keep the CTA short and effective.


How to create a perfect call-to-action?
  • Tell you customers what to do. Instruct them what to do. There are chances that they are looking for further information.
  • Keep it simple. The simplest thing can be more effective. Make sure it's easy and understandable.
  • Keep only one call to action. Ask them to do one thing and they will be most likely to follow through it. Never give your customers a long list of things to do. Their time is as precious as ours. Don't ask them too much.
  • Make it positive. We must continue with a positive tone to generate a positive feeling in visitors. 
  • Make it beneficial. We can make use of our unique selling proposition as no one else is offering the exact same insight as we. It is important that we give them the benefits of the action.
Before you start creating CTA do not forget to:

Research and understand what connects the visitors.

Assess the CTAs of your competitors and their unique selling proposition.

Optimise your page design and strategic design of call-to-action to catch the reader’s attention.

Statistics show more than 90% of online visitors reading your headline also read your CTA copy. (Ref: Hack stats examples high converting/)


5. Nurture your leads no matter where they are in the buying funnel

Often we make mistakes by focusing only on the bottom of the funnel user. Our campaign shall focus on effectively reaching people at every stage of the purchase funnel.

3 different stages of marketing funnel are:

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

A growth based strategy is very important. Your presence at every stage of the funnel from top funnel to bottom funnel searches, helps you target customers depending on where they are in the buying funnel. You can encompass all stages by segmenting campaigns which are unique to each shopper in different stages. 

In the top funnel consumers are at the early stage of their journey and do not know much about the brand. Hence it is important to create brand awareness in the top funnel. Here you can set up the perfect way for product or brand discovery. 

Middle funnel is the most likely to convert, as they showed interest before and are already familiar with your brand. You can re target and re engage such consumers to make a purchase.

In the bottom funnel, you can complement the purchase made by the consumer by providing complementary products and increasing the lifetime value.


How to leverage the most on all the buying funnels?
  • Gain more knowledge on all three funnels, i.e. TOFU, MOFU and BOFU through research.
  • Creating content for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU for lead generation and conversion opportunities.
  • Promote the content on social media platforms and create value at each stage.

Mixing all three stages with an SEO strategy will drive your potential customers closer. 


Your Website Gives the Best Return

Website is your shop front on the internet. It is your virtual store, if you are not getting leads from your website you are losing out on a chance of a lifetime to gain success. 

All of the preceding steps represent you well on the internet, enabling you to stay in touch with your customers in the digital world and show that you care for how the customers think.

Website optimization allows you to leverage efforts much more and is essential to thrive in business. You can automate the process by using website optimization tools. It makes your life easier and lifts some of your workload. 

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