How to Hire a Hubspot Developer? The Beginners Guide

Every businessman starts a business to acquire clients. Whether it is a brick and mortar store or you are starting an online business the purpose remains the same. In an online business you need to invest in creating a great experience for your visitors. Hubspot helps you to do just that.

Hubspot is a marketing automation tool that deals with everything you need to market, sale and service your customer with the right way all in one place. It is a flag bearer for online business growth. When the customers are happy they stay longer and even refer their friends and families to your website. Word of mouth is more important than ever in business. It helps to grow your company even more.

Hubspot platform easily connects other tools into different parts of business through integration. No matter how small or big you are now, you grow bigger and better with hubspot integrations

It has become a trailblazer in the field of inbound marketing.

According to a report published by Statista in January 2020, Hubspot has been listed in the top three marketing automation solutions in the U.S. with a market share of 21.07%. (Ref: Marketing automation solutions market share usa)

Why You Must Go for a Hubspot Developer?

Hubspot is a huge and robust tool. If you want to start your business on the Hubspot platform or migrate your store to hubspot it's really important to start with somebody who has expertise in it and has done it before making sure you leverage it the best way possible. It manages so many areas in business.

Look for these particular Qualities in your Hubspot Developer:

    • Has HubSpot Knowledge and Master In It

Hubspot is a robust platform. You must ensure that the developer has adequate knowledge on the platform. But as a layman it can be difficult to measure if the developer has an extensive knowledge on the platform or not.

Hence, it is always good to go for a developer with hubspot certification. The certification expires at a point and professional developers keep themselves updated to retain the hubspot certification and position themselves as an inbound expert. It highlights their strength. Their services are more reliable and trustworthy.

    • Strong Communication Skills to Avoid Redundant Process

A good developer should be a good communicator too. It helps them in understanding the project requirement better. Having a developer with good communication opens the channel for you to ask them good and relevant questions related to the project. They can well explain to you what challenges are there in your website and how it can be ruled out.

    • Has a Portfolio to Showcase and Make First Impression

They must have a wide skill set and a strong portfolio. It will build your trust even before you start your work with them.

    • Testimonials and Case Studies to Validate his Work

Case study of previous work helps to understand the methodology used by the developer. You can also ask for testimonials which is a reference by the satisfied clients. It helps to understand what experience you can expect in this journey of collaboration for successful online business.

    • A Developer with a Solid Strategy

When the developers are strategy focused they help you understand their strategy and execute. It helps to create the alignment and achieve your online business goals. A clear strategy also identifies the opportunities and scope in the project more easily.

    • Eager to Help with Post Development Plan

It is a sign of a good developer. A newly built website may have post development issues and hence the developer who has knowledge of your website inside out should suggest you with a post development plan to keep your website running.

Right Steps to Hire a Hubspot Developer?

Know what you need

Before you start, the foremost thing you must do is to identify your needs and requirements. It is important to know what you want to accomplish. This will help you to communicate exactly what you are looking for.

Look for the right candidate

You must do extensive research and tap the market to reach the potential candidate who can suffice your needs. It is always better to be late than settling down with an incompetent developer to regret later. You can visit websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com for hiring freelance developers.

Review the applications

  • Tick off the basic requirements
  • Scan their good to have qualifications
  • Evaluate how closely the profile matches the job role

Conduct Interview

Plan for the questions. In the interview ask them relevant questions and ask them for their previous work. Check their hubspot certification and other credentials. This helps you to arrive at the right decision. You must also discuss your set expectations and ask if he can meet them.

Discuss the Project

Once you get the developer to start with your project, you must discuss the project details with him. Introduce your project to the developer completely. It is important that the proper details are given and he understands it fully.

At the end you may have a question and answer session to cover the points that were missed or to clarify the doubts.

Let the Project Start

Once the developer understands the project requirement, assign him the project and monitor the process regularly. It is also important to maintain a flow of communication to have a successful project delivery.

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