How to Avoid Artificial Awareness Created by Marketing and SEO Specialists

If you are a shopify merchant entrepreneur, then you’ve probably already faced marketing and SEO specialists. We have decided to deliver a message to all the shopify merchant entrepreneurs through this article in which we believed starting from day one: Buy only what you need and true.

Our request to you is to try to resist the easy-win offered by these specialists. Our point in this article is to explain how to avoid getting ripped off by them in a quest to accrue more visibility.

Everyday thousands of entrepreneurs like you are getting exploited and hence we thought to speak out on such an important and relevant topic. It is necessary, so that you take action or start thinking differently. Otherwise you end up paying a good amount to those who do not even bother to do a fair research on your store. So, how can we expect them to create business value for us without digging into our competitive market situation.

Most of the time, we already know what is right to do for our business. So do we really need someone to validate it? Only the shady consultants will be benefited the most.

Myths and Truths of All eCommerce Marketing

Truth #1 – Be wary if someone promises to make you rank #1 on Google or on page 1 of Google.

Let's face it - everyone in this competitive market wants to get there on Google. Ranking #1 or on page 1 of Google means that you are the best or among the best in what you do. Who doesn’t want that? Remember there is no magic formula to get you on top of the search engine. It takes a lot of things into account. Market research, competitor analysis, keyword research, quality backlinks, checking your page speed, and much more.

We have helped some of our clients to get on to page 1 of Google. It is possible that even they have few examples to show you. We are not saying that it is impossible to rank there, but what we want to say is there is no guaranteed result, instead a wide range of possible results.

You should make an informed decision and not be influenced by the fake promises.

On the other hand, you can get on Page 1 of Google Search for the keywords that are too specific that you will be the only person to search for it. This could well get your website to Page 1 but would anyone care?

In order to be successful it is not necessary to Rank #1 or get on page 1 of google search. In order to be successful it is not necessary to Rank #1 or get on page 1 of google search.

The fact is that you should give yourself the best opportunity to improve your ranking by targeting extremely targeted keywords and finding your targeted customers.

Truth #2 – Great marketing means more sales. It is not always true, as it is not enough.

Just by doing great marketing you can’t influence the purchasing decision or sales. There are a lot of other aspects that contribute. A lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs make a mistake of overlooking those important factors and impact conversions. For example: user experience on your site, offering great product and services, operations, etc. So, even if you are doing great marketing that is not enough. As it alone can’t drive sales, you must work on all other aspects of your ecommerce business too.

Am I getting ripped off? Check these Signs

Are they only telling you what you already know or suspect? Yes!

Don’t get fooled by the charisma of marketing consultants. There are things which you can do on your own and measure the results. So don’t just pay them to validate something that you already believe. As an entrepreneur you know your brand better, and know your target audience too. So if you think spending more on ads on social media platforms can get you more conversions, then just spend a small amount and see how it turns out for you. It gives you a fair idea if the campaign would be profitable. Do not take a haphazard approach to marketing. Always take a walk before you decide to run.

But if you are planning for a bolder step and you need consultation, then you make sure your consultant is worth the fee. Someone who can bring new and innovative ideas. But if the consultant is just replicating your thoughts and adding no value, then immediately show him a red flag.

Are they discussing the real problems and telling you to lay a solid foundation ? No!

Sometimes the truth is harsh. But an unstable structure collapses soon. But for the continuing health and prosperity of our clients’ business, we stay honest no matter how brutal it is. We know, we speak things that they never want to hear, but trust us it is always constructive truth.

A good consultant will always tell you the real problems in the structural layout of your business. If needed they will tell you to radically change the way you do business, even if they might lose you. They tell you the truth and real problems. If they can’t muster courage to tell the truth, it’s a waste of money.

Is their advice costing you money every time? Yes!

Consulting is more than learning where to spend. A good consultant tells you things that you can do yourself and facilitate learning to save you cost. It is fine to spend where it is needed. But not necessarily every marketing advice should make you spend to get the results. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your ecommerce site perform better. It is easy to spend money and buy traffic. But the long term marketing improvements involve tentative determination of business owners. So you must choose to spend extra hours over extra dollars, unless it requires complex skills.

Are they telling you that their advice comes first? Yes! Think again!

You must have often observed that there are few businesses that just do exceptionally well. We often wonder what their secret sauce is. No two businesses are the same. Every business is unique and different due to differences in size, composition, structure, service, etc. Something which is working for your competitor might not just work for you. So you need to discover your own ways and the secret to success. Your customers are your best advisers, as they always speak the truth. Even if you imitate others, remember to create USP and be different.

Make the most of the best practices. Just see the analytics, it gives you a fair idea of how to start or proceed in the business. The tried and tested factors help in giving shape to your ideas.

To be cont...

Then there “best practices.” These are the basic, tried-and-true things that should serve as the starting place for everyone. An easy example is having a call to action that is easy to see. That's website and eCommerce 101. Often there’s social science research to back them up – for example, why the number of options available impacts conversions and revenue per sale. If you don’t know about these best practices, we’ll tell you all about it and why they’re important. It’s something that all of us agree with, but even with best practices there are exceptions.

Finally, there are matters of opinion and style. In other words, they’re just ideas. They might work better, they might not. If we tell you something is our opinion, it’s something for you to consider as an option. It might be valuable to you.

Any eCommerce marketing & SEO consultant will explicitly tell you the difference and which applies to which piece of advice they’re giving you.

Get Marketing Value, Don't Get Ripped Off

I could go on for another thousand words on this stuff – I feel that passionately about it. But hopefully this will start everyone thinking about it and avoid the rip-off artists.

Some of those shady-brady marketing stiffs out there are going to be mad at us for this post. But we can live with that.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and happy selling.

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