How Shopify Solutions are a Boon for Ecommerce Merchants?

Ecommerce platforms have spent a good amount of time by now. We still remember the days when making a purchase online was sketchy. Only a few sites stood out. It was difficult to find things online that you wanted to buy. With technology evolving, every few years we can look back and see how things changed. Same implies to ecommerce stores. Gone are the days, when merchants had to work upon many issues while setting up a website, especially in ecommerce website design due to its complexity. If you have made up your mind to sell online, then go for a reputable ecommerce platform like Shopify to build, manage and market your digital store.

The launch of Shopify in 2004, helped business owners to set up their online store in a fast and efficient manner. It is one of the earliest solutions in the ecommerce industry. Today, it has become one of the most popular choices among the ecommerce merchants to set up their shopify stores. It offers simplicity of interaction through excellent ecommerce solutions, which is incomparable

According to a report published in 2020, Shopify is the third leading ecommerce software platform worldwide with market share of 10.98% (Source: Worldwide E-commerce platforms market share).

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the Shopify merchant solutions that help them to nail the ecommerce space.

Create your own website (ecommerce)

It was really difficult to open and manage an online store. But today it has become a lot easier. You don’t need to have someone to develop a website for you to open an e-store. You don’t even need to learn coding to make your own website. E-commerce solutions like Shopify have made it simple for you to create your online store on your own. If you have basic knowledge and operate a computer then you can just follow the steps to create an ecommerce store on Shopify. Where it used to take months to build an ecommerce store, you can now leverage Shopify and build an online store faster and simpler. You can choose from free Shopify themes and templates made by experts while designing your site.

Manage your inventory

Ecommerce is not an easy business. There are many factors which makes it a successful business. Inventory management is one of the factors that contributes towards successful online business. Shopify helps in keeping you organized by tracking inventory activities. The proper management of inventory helps to avoid costly errors and increase the supply chain efficiency.

Manage payment

When you are selling online, integrating a secure and reliable gateway can be a big challenge for you. You should provide a safe and reliable area for the transactions to take place. You must provide your potential customers different payment options to buy. Shopify has simplified the process of setting up payment gateways on shopify stores. You can now set up the payment gateway easily.

Manage shipping process

Merchants can now quickly and easily manage their shipping activities on their Shopify website. The platform helps to process the online orders really fast. The advanced features allow you to print valuable shipping labels without an additional plugin. No other platform has such a feature to offer us and that really helps Shopify to stand out. Your customers can also choose the courier service provider of their own choice or you can upgrade them for a faster and cheaper service.

For all of the above solutions that Shopify offers, it has been successfully getting bigger attention than other website builders for creating a shopping cart system that gives an amazing user experience. It helps you to easily build your store, manage your store and organize your store in a way the customers want. You can have full control over the appearance and set up of your e-store on this incredibly reliable platform. It lets business owners focus on things that are more important aspects of running business.

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