All That Matters for Your Website Redesign in 2020

Have you made any meaningful resolution for 2020? If not, then you must revisit your 2019 plans once to check the business goals that have been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished this year. What could be more meaningful than redesigning your website? There are so many good reasons to consider a website redesign. You might know you need a redesign but you might have no idea where to start. It is not just a place where you sell, it is one of the most powerful online marketing tools for your business. Its look, feel, strategy to execute, etc. all are accountable for substantial revenue generation.

75% of consumers agree that they judge a company’s credibility on a company's website design (Source: First impressions).

In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips and trends on website redesign for better results that will keep your spirit high in 2020

Who Can Design the Site?

To design your website either you can approach a professional website design company or you can do it yourself, if you have an in-house development team. An in-house development team comes with an advantage of easy communication, a sense of coordination, wherein you can work closely with the team and give your inputs.

If you do not have an in-house design and development team, then approach a professional website design company or agency to help. They are experts in making user-friendly and aesthetically appealing websites that trigger sales and leave a positive impact on business. They maintain quality, follow latest trends and enhance the overall effectiveness through website redesigns.

Must-Have Elements on Your Site

There are some of the things which you should definitely take into consideration when you have your website redesigned for best user experience and leaving the first impression.

88% of online consumers are least expected to revisit a site, if they have a bad experience (Source: First impressions)

Here are some of the tools of web designing that bridge the gap between design and user experience.

Gone are the days when the internet was accessible only on computers. Today it can be accessed on various devices. Making your website compatible to different devices plays a crucial role in the success of your online store. Especially, a mobile responsive website is a must with an increase in mobile users.

Navigation is another vital element of your site that contributes to your store success. An easy navigation makes it easy for the users to reach where they want to within your site. A website with clear structure and a well put menu makes your site search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, which means more lead and conversion

You must have customer-facing content. That connects you with your customers and builds a genuine relationship.

Your website must have precise visual conveyance. The style of your website and syntax of content on each webpage should be consistent.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you and build trust by using easy-to-use contact forms.

The design should be in sync with the core message that you want to deliver through your website.

Emerging trends in 2020

When it comes to web design, 2020 is filled with new styles. You need to constantly rise up to these new trends every year that is constantly evolving with advanced technology. Not necessarily you need to adopt all the latest trends, and incorporate it in your web redesigning. But, let’s have a quick glance at some of the trends that seem to take over in 2020 and shouldn’t be missed.

Dark mode web designs

A dark mode web design is to set the right tone for visual applications. It gives comfort as it reduces strain on the eyes. The option to enable dark theme is satiating dark theme fans. This ultra-modern theme increases the content readability by making it more prominent.


Motion graphics for web design have been capturing immediate interest for some time now. You shouldn’t miss integrating it to your website in 2020 to snare the potential customers for businesses. Video backgrounds and animations are offering robust motion and interactive web solutions. Embed them on your website correctly for demonstrating value quickly and avoiding distraction.

Minimalism designs

Less is more. Minimalism continues to be the driving trend in 2020. It enhances the focus on the products or services you offer, and the content. No details are overlooked. The plus is, it is easy to understand and navigate through the website.

Contextual marketing

Using contextual marketing, businesses are now able to target the right customer at the right time. Many are doing website redesign for making the most of this auto generation system and ad display on a website that are related to the site’s content and are tied to the user’s interest.

Unique typography

Businesses are now using unique typography to evoke and speak their brand’s voice in the best way possible. The unusual texts, large and bold fonts help to differentiate you from your competitor and here to stick around for a while. It is one of the important elements for a successful web design in 2020.

Solid color blocks

For adding visual interest, solid color block layouts make a definite statement. It catches the attention of the audience and judicious use of color has been proven to drive the results for businesses. So pick your geometric shapes and grab your user's attention by becoming the right color chooser.

Voice technology

Technology seems to have no limits. It seemed difficult to add voice recognition to websites, until recently tools like voxpow have made voice recognition functionality on websites possible. It is expected to evolve and expected to contribute more towards online marketing.

Website Design Inspiration

If you're looking for websites to inspire you and your team, here are some examples that incorporate some of the upcoming year’s design trends:

Birkman International: Birkman International's site features smart content, solid color blocks, mixed typography, and powerful content to create a design that's unique to them while still being appealing to the masses.

Miller Zell. Miller Zell employs bold typography, strategic white-space, motion, and simplified navigation across its website to engage with their audience.

ThoughtTrace. ThoughtTrace is another example of a compelling website design that mixes white space, unique typography, small animations, and visuals to interest its visitors.

Marketing Evolution. Marketing Evolution's website features contextual marketing to split up the site by persona and industry, as well as thoughtfully-placed white space and colorful text.

Few Last Words

Website Redesigns are a necessity to sustain in this competitive internet marketing. Every business website has gone through redesign once in a while to keep up with latest market trends.

Redesigning a website has become vital in online business and it offers tremendous benefits like achieving fresh look and feel for the website, getting positive feedback from the users and getting more profits. If you haven’t touched the design of your website for a while, then website redesign should not be your second thought in 2020.

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