10 Tips to Lower Your Cart Abandonment Rate


Although we’ve never met nor have we ever seen your ecommerce store, we guarantee you’re losing money. It's because just like you, every ecommerce retailer is feeling the pain of abandoned carts. Do you know there are many people who do not complete the buying process. Do you know how many people are leaving?

"According to a report published in January 2020 “The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57%.” (Ref: Cart abandonment statistics)

Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue for online retailers. Well, just like in a brick and mortar store, you are bound to have some consumers at your online store who leave without making a purchase. And every time a customer abandons his cart, it is a lost revenue.

"E-Commerce Brands Lose $18 Billion in Sales Revenue Each Year Because of Cart Abandonment."  (Ref: Cart abandonment statistics)

While every audience segment is different, many consumers have similar buying habits and preferences. They even share some commonness and annoyance over certain kinds of obstructions to making a purchase.

Even though it is not possible to completely remove shopping cart abandonment at your online store, you can lower the level which is more reasonable.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 tried-and-true ways to lower cart abandonment and take back those customers before they are gone forever.


  • 1. Win Trust in the Buying Process


Most of the customers feel concerned while doing online shopping as they have to give their personal and financial information. Therefore, if you assure your visitors that your website is secured and their interests are safeguarded, definitely, you'll be able to motivate your visitors to take the final step.

So,what you can do is ensure your store's security with SSL encryption. Give them more assurance that their data is secure by adding trust logos.


  • 2. Avoid Giving Price Surprise or Shock


Customers are also shoppers and they are always searching for and comparing similar products prices. Shoppers are now doing shopping comparisons and hence the competitive price is more crucial than ever.

As per the report, “56 percent of shoppers abandon shopping carts when they encounter unexpected costs.” (Ref: Top reasons why shoppers are abandoning their online carts solutions)

Shoppers also get annoyed by hidden shopping charges which they discover at the end of the checkout process.

25% of customers specifically cited shipping costs as the primary reason driving them away (Ref:Live chat in electronics shops benefits and common questions)

As a result they get annoyed and irritated. Sometimes it also makes consumers regret the purchase.

As a retailer you must keep the costs transparent. Digital shoppers highly value transparency, which is important for store success. You can also adopt a different approach by reducing shipping costs. Shoppers are attracted to retailers offering free shipping or discounted shipping based on their order value.


  • 3. Send Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails


There are many customers who abandon their cart at the end of the checkout. In the process there are chances you capture their email address. Notify them immediately through autoresponder email about the left items in their cart. You can also do follow up with 1 or 2 additional emails.

In the email show them the items they left in the cart and give them an option to return to your website, so that they can complete the process. If not now, may be a future email in the series on your discount offer will spur a sale.


  • 4. Give An Option Of Guest Checkout


Never compel your customers to create an account on your website. As it sometimes feels like the buying process is longer. Give your customers an option of guest checkout. It makes the process faster for the first time purchasers. The limited information given by them can be gathered for shipping. If you want at the end give them an option to share more information to save it for future orders.


  • 5. Personal Outreach


Even if you use an autoresponder to save abandoned carts, just don’t rely solely on it. For a better approach, reach out to the customers personally and ask them if you can be of any help to them. Sometimes they just abandon the carts for some reasons which can be avoided. For example: the coupon code didn’t work or card authorization issues.

Try to solve their problem and help them to complete the process. They will appreciate the help you offer.


  • 6. Spot The Funnel Leaks


Your Google Analytics is a great way to get the insights of your visitors’ behaviors. There might be various conversion issues, so to find exactly what is wrong you can track visitor flow and conversion pathways. Rather than making assumptions start making the most of Google Analytics.

You can see the bottlenecks and see on which pages your traffic drop off. And find the reason why they do not make it to the cart. You can focus on the improvements and target those pages to enhance the user experience on our site.


  • 7. Remarketing and Retargeting


It is the truth that you can not prevent some abandonment. But you can retarget them by remarketing by using platforms like Facebook. You can place a Facebook tracking pixel to capture visitor behavior and store data.

Run a Facebook ad campaign specifically to target custom visitors like those who came to your site but didn’t make a purchase. Based on the products they viewed you can present dynamic ads to turn them into your customers.


  • 8. Provide Easy Navigation


When the navigation on your site is complex the visitors get lost and ultimately they leave the site without making a purchase. The reports make it more evident.

According to a report, “25% of people who abandon carts because of overly complex navigation.” (Ref: 10 ways to reduce cart abandonment and recapture customers for E-commerce websites/)

So keep your site navigation clean, simple and easy. Organize the products in a way that makes it easy for your store visitors to identify it.


  • 9. Connect Visually


Like in a physical store it is not possible for your customers to touch, pick up, and examine the products physically in your digital store. So you must connect with your store visitors visually.

Add better visuals to increase conversions. This can be done in various ways:

  • Add product photos from different angles
  • Use high-resolution product images
  • Add images to tell a compelling story about how the product will benefit them.
  • Add videos on product pages to show the value proposition


  • 10. Add Social Proof On Your Site


Nobody wants to regret after making a purchase. Hence online shoppers look for other shoppers experience. If your product has helped others then they gain confidence and make a purchase. By adding social proof you alleviate their concern.

How can you add social proofs in different ways?

  • Follow up and ask your existing customers to provide a product review
  • List testimonials on the landing pages of your site
  • Add softwares to show what is happening on your store LIVE. Like show new visitors who is purchasing your products

We hope that all of the above tips can help you in customer retention. If you want us to help you more on customer retention, then kindly click on . We are a trusted web design and development agency and have lived up to the expectation of many Shopify web entrepreneurs across the globe.

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